Blending feel-good beats, a flamboyant attitude and addictive party lyrics, rapper Kyle Coglitore has made quite a stir in the Twin Cities, considered by many to be the underground hip-hop epicenter of the midwest. With excellent production on the music video for “Time 2 Party”, he garnered the attention of budding local hip-hop artist ModSun, collaborating with the modern-day hippy on the feel-good jam of the fall: “LVLC“

Through a positively relaxed flow and ambient, atmospheric sounds the Minnesota native Kyle John Coglitore attempts to give you a snapshot of the life he has made for himself, while taking you on a trip down his memory lane. At a very young age, Kyle knew the realities of divorced parents, drug addictions and abusive relationships. His father was 35 when he died from a heroin overdose. In an attempt to overcome his loss and inner frustrations, he developed a strong work ethic, carving out a remarkable high school  academic, basketball and football career which earned him an academic scholarship to the University of St. Thomas, which he chose over multiple athletic scholarship offers from school’s around the Midwest. 

Choosing to play football for the Tommies his freshman year ended up leading Kyle down an alternate path; after being redshirted, he began setting his artistic sights on his music. Slowly but surely, hip-hop fans started lending an ear to the relatable and uplifting lifestyle-rap that catered to a vast audience of music lovers. But just as stability had entered Kyle’s life, he received news that his grandfather would not see the new year. One of his best friends and biggest mentors was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and died October 21st, 2010, a date that neither he nor his younger brother would ever forget. Another tragedy in a very young life had forced “the man of the house” to prioritize, and his desire to make his family proud coupled with his recently overwhelming passion for music had already made itself known within the area, further pushing Kyle on his search to spread his message to the greater community. 

Using the lessons learned from his recent accomplishments and a resilient nature forged from trying times, the past six months has seen Mr. Coglitore go from social media figure — to online stunner — to established local rapper, building a platform of entertainment that can be seen and felt through his Instagram videos, Facebook posts and unrelenting messages of positivity to his growing fan base through Twitter, all the while finding time to earn his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of St. Thomas. Documenting his countless hours of recording in the studio kept his listeners waiting for the type of musical creations they knew the socially-skillful lyricist was capable of making, and after finishing up his debut mixtape Collection Of Thoughts, the wait was finally over for his devoted supporters. Upon releasing his first single, “Time 2 Party” he shot a music video in the middle of St. Paul on the scenic Marshall Avenue just off the Mississippi River on the University of St. Thomas campus, receiving critical acclaim online that led to a feature article on He quickly followed up with the light-hearted anthem “Let’s Vibe Let’s Chill/LVLC” later in September featuring a verse from hippy-hop rapper Mod Sun. The music video for LVLC premiered September 9th, garnering rave reviews and multiple appearances on music-sharing sites such as, vladtv, thehypemagazine, rappergeek, the 9 elements, brobible, and defwire. 

If the past is any proof, Kyle Coglitore will remain a prominent figure in the music scene for years to come, with a faithful support system and a tested, independent attitude, proving that the sky is seemingly endless for a musician who was promised nothing — and dreamed of having everything. You can follow Kyle to stay up-to-date on everything music through Twitter (@KCOGLITORE) Facebook (Kyle Coglitore) and his personal website Download his latest music on iTunes June 17th, 2014.